Our collaboration with Whitney Caudle of the piper collection featuring versatile indoor/outdoor pillows in chinoiserie textiles.

Cotton & Quill

Wall Paper & Fabrics are available for purchase in grasscloth, cotton, linen-cotton, and cotton sateen. 

Lema J

'Chinoiserie Chic' Collection' with Lema J Design - a collection of one-of-a-kind original designed floral cuffs! 

I am so excited to be collaborating with Lema J Design to bring a new line of one of a kind floral cuffs to life. The cuffs are currently available for purchase on the Lema J Design website. Each cuff is 'one of a kind,' and entirely handcrafted with both exotic hides and hand painted leather, completely lined with soft lambskin and set in a variety of finishes. 100% of the profits from Lema J sales go to the Karma for Cara Foundation. To read more about the back story of Lema J, visit our blog. We would love to bring the cuffs to your hometown for a show, please be in touch with Liza at


Created by Liza Hathaway Matthews Art in collaboration with Anthropologie, these collections feature wallpaper, lamp shades, wall murals, and travel accessories that offer an abstract take on florals for an undeniably graceful effect.

“Rendered radiant through the contrast of luminous color and graceful form, artist Liza Hathaway Matthews’s paintings showcase her understanding of
the intricacies of harmony and movement. Inspired by nature, design, and pattern, she uses oil, charcoal, and acrylic to create a textural landscape, invoking emotion and contemplation in every piece.”

~ Anthropologie

'Rites of Spring' Collection

with Anthropologie Wall Mural

'Rites of Spring' Collection

with Anthropologie Lamp Shade

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'Harmony' Wallpaper

with Anthropologie

'Harmony' Lamp Shade

with Anthropologie

'Speckled Travel' Collection

with Anthropologie

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