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Lema J Design

Lema J Design

We are so excited to announce a new collaboration! We have collaborated with Lema J Design to create the ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ Collection, which is comprised of one of a kind hand painted floral cuffs. Liza’s floral designs coupled with Jenny’s handcrafted luxurious cuffs are generating a buzz wherever they go! They were well received at the 2018 Palm Beach Fine Craft Show and the American Craft Show in Baltimore with special orders in the works as well as shows in other cities. These ‘one of a kind’ cuffs are now available to purchase on the Lema J Website.

The beautiful cuffs are designed by Jenny Benscher for Lema J and are so much more than just a traditional cuff line. It was in the fall of 2013 when two sisters, Jill and Jenny founded Lema J Design in honor of Jill’s daughter Cara. Cara was just 21 years old when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. During her treatment, she and her family started the Karma for Cara Foundation (K4C), a foundation that focuses on promoting and supporting youth engagement and services to others in communities throughout the United States as well as tangibly helping leukemia patients and their families.


Karma for Cara Donation Cuff

After Cara passed away in December 2012, Jenny handcrafted a cuff in Cara’s favorite color (orange), adorned with a protective eye and gave it to her sister, Jill, as a gift. Jenny told her sister, “This cuff will hug your wrist as if I am there to hug you and the protective eye will watch over you.” So many friends commented and loved the orange cuff that Jenny and Jill decided to launch a business that would directly benefit Karma for Cara by donating 100% of their profits to the foundation. Lema J stands for Love, Empowerment, Motion, Adventure, and Jenny/Jill. This was the birth of a meaningful business that would help make a difference.


At the core of the foundation is the K4C Microgrant Program which is the bridge between ideas and action. By providing Microgrants in varying amounts up to $1,000, K4C helps young citizen leaders execute and magnify their initiatives to help repair our world. To date, the Micorgrant program has delivered $112, 471 of funds. You can read more about the success stories of the previous Micogrant recipients by visiting the K4C news page.

Lema J strives to create unique, well-made pieces that are entirely handcrafted with both exotic hides and Liza’s painted leather, completely lined with soft lambskin and set in a variety of finishes. The super comfortable cuffs are bold in color, daring in design, and so versatile in style that the collection appeals to hip and sophisticated women (and men!) of all ages.

We would love to bring the cuffs to your hometown for a show, please be in touch with Liza at  In the meantime, visit Lema J Design to view all available cuffs and K4C Karma for Cara Foundation to find out more about the Microgrant program.